Advanced Intensives and Continuing Education

Advanced Intensives offer continuing education for teachers and advanced students. Each intensive comprises one module of study towards 500-hour Certification or hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits.

Course Outline

Anatomy & Mindfulness Intensive 2019

Anatomy: Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th January 2019

Mindfulness: Friday 1st to Sun 3rd March 2019

All five days: €420

Mindfulness only €220

500-hour students must attend all five days.

At this time it's not possible to book for Anatomy Only. A limited number of places will be released in December. Anatomy and Physiology with Connie Walsh

Each day starts with led yoga and meditation practice. The rest of the day is led by Connie Walsh focusing on Anatomy and Physiology as it applies to yoga. Connie is a qualified nurse and yoga therapist who has worked in the area of yoga therapeutics for over 20 years, specialising in yoga for chronic illness, cancer and rehabilitation from injury. She has shared her vast knowledge of teaching yoga to students with health vulnerabilities in teacher training programmes nationwide. Connie is a regular faculty member on our 200-hour and 500-hour trainings.

Mindfulness and Yoga with Ciara Cronin.

Friday 1st to Sun 3rd March 2018, 12.30-6pm.

This weekend will focus on the common traditional roots of yoga and mindfulness. - Practice sessions of different mindfulness meditation practices and techniques from the yogic and buddhist traditions. (Including sitting, moving and breath awareness practices.) - Understand the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness practices based on the most recent scientific findings. - Be introduced to the ancient teaching texts that reveal philosophical origins of yoga and mindfulness practice. - Become aware of the subtle body anatomy as it relates to yoga and mindfulness: the five koshas of the energy bodies and the chakra system. An understanding of the mindfulness, as it is understood and taught in both the Buddhist and yogic traditions, can support and resource us as teachers in structuring learning programmes that introduce yoga and mindfulness practices to our students. The findings of neuroscience in the last twenty years are responsible for the massive popular acceptance of mindfulness. The empirical evidence from the many studies that have now been done will be taught to understand the effects and benefits of embodied movement and mindfulness practices on the body, the nervous system, the brain, the hormones, emotions and in our relationships. The studies offer fascinating insights that support what the traditional wisdom traditions have known for thousands of years.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of subtle body anatomy as it relates to yoga and mindfulness. Mindfulness and yoga practices must move in a grounded way from the physical to the subtle, including and transcending each level of awareness in an integrated way. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the five koshas of the energy bodies, the chakra system and the nadis offer maps to the territory of the subtle layers of the self.

We will consider the key philosophical texts related to mindfulness practice; the Sattipathana Sutras and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Other key Buddhist and Yogic principles will provide the philosophical underpinnings to practice modalities, including the Eight Limbs, the Eightfold path, the Four Noble Truths, and the Brahma Viharas. We will also study the evolving wisdom among contemporary Buddhist teachers on relational mindfulness within the contemplative traditions.

Presence & Practice Intensive, June 2019

Monday June 17th to Friday June 21st 2019

Hours; 8am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday. 8am to 1pm Friday

Devote some time to inspiring your personal practice this June; to reconnecting to your inner wisdom. Guided by Ciara Cronin and Michael McCann this is a unique opportunity to drop deep and reconnect to your soul's inner wisdom. Inspire your practice and press reset on your teaching skills by deepening through the ancient wisdom practices. Morning sessions with Ciara of guided Asana, Mindfulness Meditation and Pranayama practices, and self-reflection processes using the subtle body senses. Afternoons with Michael McCann on philosophy, meditiation and the wisdom texts. All five days: €420

One day: €89

Two days €170

Three days: €255

500-hour students must attend all 5 days. Full Week counts as 45 Hours towards 500-Hour Accreditation or Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Course Dates

Anatomy & Mindfulness Intensive 2019,
Anatomy: Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th January 2019, 8am-5pm
Mindfulness: Friday 1st, 8am-5pm, Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd March 2019, 12.30-6pm

Presence & Practice Intensive
Monday 17th - Friday 21st June 2019, 8am-5pm

How to Apply

If you are attending an Intensive as part of 500-hour accreditation please Download PDF application form from link in column opposite. Or for .doc format please email us at [email protected]

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"Thanks Ciara, Tony and Jodie for all your help, wisdom and support. It's been a huge eight months and I have learnt so much. Thank you and loads of love."Eithne

"Thank you all. You've enlightened my mind, heart and body with your teachings and wisdom."Jessica

"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your guidance and support have been amazing. I've learnt so much on my journey here. Thanks for showing me the way."Emma

"Thank you all for your super instruction and guidance throughout the course. It's been fantastic."Dawn

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