Advanced Intensives and Continuing Education

Advanced Intensives offer continuing education for teachers and advanced students. Each intensive comprises one module of study towards 500-hour Certification or hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits.

Upcoming Dates

Yoga for Trauma In-Studio Training

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th March 2021

A four-day training for yoga teachers, counsellors, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals to teach mindful, trauma sensitive yoga. Learn how trauma aware yoga practices can be used with groups and individuals to alleviate symptoms of PTSD, stress, anxiety, addiction, trauma and other mental and emotional imbalances. Practical sessions of chair yoga, restorative yoga, mindfulness practices and gentle movement will combine with theory sessions so you understand the science of these practical applications through the latest findings in neuroscience and medical studies.

The training days will run from 10am to 5pm.

Ciara Cronin is director of teacher training at the YogaRoom. She works in private practice as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist. She also trains therapists and counselors, and works with groups teaching yoga and mindfulness for trauma. In the past three years she has worked in Dublin, Northern Ireland and Palestine educating yoga teachers and mental health professionals, and teaching group sessions, in yoga and mindfulness for trauma.

Cost: €420. Counts as 28 hours CPD.


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Yoga and Mindfulness Immersion

Thursday 25th Friday 26th and Saturday 27th March 2021 10am-5pm

Enjoy a three day training of immersive practice and wisdom sessions focusing on the common traditional roots of yoga and mindfulness. Practice sessions of mindfulness meditation practices and techniques from the yogic and Buddhist traditions (including sitting, movement and breath awareness practices, restorative and gentle yoga). – Understand the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness practices based on the most recent scientific findings. – Learn about ancient teaching texts that reveal philosophical origins of yoga and mindfulness. – Experience the subtle body anatomy as it relates to yoga and mindfulness: the koshas, chakras, prana vayus, nadis and bandhas. The findings of neuroscience in the last twenty years are responsible for the massive popular acceptance of mindfulness. The empirical evidence from the many scientific studies, reveal many benefits and effects of embodied movement and mindfulness practices on the body, the nervous system, the brain, the hormones, emotions and in our relationships. These studies offer fascinating insights that support what the traditional wisdom traditions have known for thousands of years. We will consider the key philosophical texts related to mindfulness practice and key Buddhist and Yogic principles will provide the philosophical underpinnings to practice modalities, including the Eight Limbs, the Eightfold path, the Four Noble Truths, and the Brahma Viharas. We will also study the evolving wisdom among contemporary Buddhist teachers on relational mindfulness within the contemplative traditions. Ciara holds a Masters Degree in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. She is in private practice as a psychotherapist and has taught therapists and counsellors internationally on the therapeutic applications of mindfulness and yoga. Ciara is Director of the YogaRoom teacher trainings. In-Studio Attendance will be limited numbers so early booking is advised.  Suitable for students with some meditation experience, therapists, counsellors and yoga teachers. Counts as 16 Continuing Professional Development (CDP) hours. Cert issued. Cost €240


Cost €240

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Yoga Nidra In Studio Training

7th & 8th May 2021 10am-5pm

This is an In Studio Training, Learn the art of Yoga Nidra, an ancient guided meditation technique which leads to the deepest state of relaxation and renewal. This training will introduce you to the traditional teachings of Yoga Nidra and so you can gain a solid understanding of the extraordinary physical, mental and emotional benefits of this transformational practice of deep, meditative, conscious ‘sleep’. Through plenty of practice sessions combined with theory lectures and a comprehensive handout, you will gain a profound appreciation of the practice. If you are yoga teacher, you will have the confidence and the tools to offer guided Yoga Nidras as stand alone teachings or as part of a yoga class.
Ciara Cronin is Director of the YogaRoom teacher trainings. She holds a Masters Degree in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy and is in private practice as a psychotherapist. Qualified at the ERYT500 level of yoga teaching, Ciara has taught therapists and counsellors internationally therapeutic yoga and mindfulness techniques to relieve stress, trauma and anxiety.

Upon completion Participants are awarded a Yoga Alliance 16-hour Continuing Professional Development Certificate.

We are very lucky to have a bright, airy and spacious yoga studio, overlooking a large garden area where we can accommodate everyone very comfortably, two metres apart. This will ensure a safe and special environment if you choose to attend this training In-Studio.

In Studio Cost €240

In Studio Cost €240

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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

2021 Dates TBC

First Irish Prenatal Teacher Training Programme Certified by Yoga Alliance ( This fully accredited professional training is open to yoga teachers and health professionals.

Please enquire for 2021 dates [email protected]

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Thursday 13th- Friday 15th May 10-5pm

A three-day, 20-hour training for teachers and serious students. Learn to teach Restorative Yoga to groups and individuals competently and compassionately. You will understand the important therapeutic applications of restorative yoga and why it is an essential component of a well-rounded yoga practice.

Restorative yoga is a powerful practice that transforms stress, regulates emotional imbalances, improves immune function, digestive function, memory and fertility. On this training there will be plenty of practical sessions of restorative yoga combined with theoretical understanding of the latest findings in neuroscience and recent medical studies, which validate the ancient teachings of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to reveal the enormous physical and emotional benefits of restorative yoga. Ciara holds a Masters Degree in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. She is Director of the YogaRoom teacher trainings. She is in private practice as a psychotherapist and has taught therapists and counsellors internationally on the therapeutic applications of mindflness and yoga. An ERYT500, her restorative yoga combines her experience of meditation and mindfuless and draws from Judith Hason Lasater and the Iyengar tradition, as well as restorative yoga teacher trainings she attended with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen from the Kripalu institute and Yin yoga with Sarah Powers.

Cost €280. Participants receive a Yoga Alliance accredited 18-hour Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate.

We are limiting the numbers to ensure a safe and special environment for this training. We are very lucky to have a bright, airy and spacious yoga studio, overlooking a large garden area, which will accommodate everyone comfortably.


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How to Apply

If you are attending an Intensive as part of 500-hour accreditation please Download PDF application form from link in column opposite. Or for .doc format please email us at [email protected]


Please contact our Teacher Training Programme Director Ciara Cronin on +353 86 8832633 or 01 2196666 or by email [email protected]

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Application forms should be emailed to [email protected] or posted to:
Ciara Cronin, Teacher Training Programme Director, The YogaRoom, 262 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.


"Thanks Ciara, Tony and Jodie for all your help, wisdom and support. It's been a huge eight months and I have learnt so much. Thank you and loads of love."Eithne

"Thank you all. You've enlightened my mind, heart and body with your teachings and wisdom."Jessica

"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your guidance and support have been amazing. I've learnt so much on my journey here. Thanks for showing me the way."Emma

"Thank you all for your super instruction and guidance throughout the course. It's been fantastic."Dawn

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