The Yoga Room is a professionally run yoga studio under the direction of Ciara Cronin. I commenced classes there about 13 years ago and have enjoyed and benefited greatly from the journey. The teachers are excellent and adapt to all levels. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, you will enjoy the classes in a calm and friendly environment. The studio has adapted admirably to the restrictions created by Covid and has a comprehensive schedule of both In Studio and Online classes. Hope to see you there! Namasté
— Frank H
I have been attending The Yoga Room for many years and my experience there has always been very positive, There is a lovely peaceful atmosphere in this beautiful space that allows me to grow in my practice both physically and spiritually. With a wide variety of highly qualified, experienced and professional teachers each class is carefully designed to be both impactful and interesting. Regardless of which level, The YogaRoom has a class to suit everyone's needs.
— Miriam F
I always enjoy yoga classes in the Yoga Room. The studio is lovely and bright and looks out to a beautiful garden. At night it’s also really nice to practice in candlelight. Online classes are done at a really high quality so you feel like you are still in the studio even while you practice at home. All of the teachers are excellent and really nice and friendly. There is a good range of classes on the timetable so it is easy to find a class that suits you and your schedule so you can practice regularly. It’s definitely the best yoga studio I’ve been to.
— Amanda K
Expert and kind teachers in a beautiful space, The Yoga Room is a perfect place to practice. Ciara and her lovely team make everybody feel like somebody.
— Elaine B
The Yoga Room has been my sanctuary since I attended my first yoga class over 10 years ago. Ciara has created a wonderfully safe, nurturing and strengthening environment. Thank you Ciara! It continues to be my happy place, despite the limited access to in-person classes recently.
— Lesley K
Without hesitation, I would recommend the Yoga Room to anyone interested in yoga - whether a beginner or a consummate yogi. There's something for everyone. I've been attending for years - have tried lots of others - but always come back to Ciara and her wonderful team at the YogaRoom. Great space and great teachers. Couldn't speak highly enough of it.
— Bernice G
YogaRoom Studio' an unassuming and simple terrace out front, the immaculately clean reception area, and tranquil studio opening onto a serene floating dreamscape garden' warm welcome always' companionship and group energy balanced by a distinct respect for each persons practice, boundary and story' embraced with loving kindness every single time' everyone has a place here' challenge, restore or rest' the invitation to participate and flow' unbraid and work it out on the mat' in a space with guides who transmute and release the niggles and the complexities' everyone needs a place, this is my place' thank you'. & especially throughout 'The Covid' on line and in studio' the sheer effort of the team & teachers' was a life line' respect' I heart you Allycx
— Alison C
I absolutely love the Yoga Room! I really really enjoy all of my classes. It actually means alot to me. 😊 I’m so grateful that I can practice online at the moment. It has meant I have been able to do a lot more classes than I used to before so it’s been excellent. I really appreciate that so thank you. Please also pass on my thanks to Ciara, Becky and Keith in particular because I always really enjoy their classes. It’s hard to sometimes express that properly online but I really am always so appreciative. 😊
— Amanda K
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